» Montreal Fetish Weekend 2011!

Montreal Fetish Weekend 2011!

Montreal Fetish Weekend 2011!

As you may have noticed, Emma and I travel to quite a few events in North America, and one of our annual pilgramages is to the Montreal Fetish Weekend, every September.

This year, Emma and her Feterati Girls had a big slot in the fashion show with their latex designs, and also performed a very cool UV dance routine at the main event on Saturday night.

For the fashion show, there were a total of 17 models to get ready and rehearse!  I hired Blah Blah studios in Montreal for the afternoon before the fashion show, so that we had a place away from the hubbub to get the girls made up, and so that I could shoot them as well – partly as a thank you to the girls, partly for the Feterati Girls publicity, and partly because… well, how often do you get to shoot 17 models in one go!  Especially when they include people like Jean Bardot :)

It was an incredible day – I don’t think I’ve ever been that tired before – 17 shoots in something like 5 hours really takes it out of you.  But the results have been fantastic – I’m still processing the images but have started uploading them to a gallery on this site as well as my facebook, DeviantArt etc. pages.

There are some samples in the Photosets page!


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